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CBD, Hemp and Marijuana in America and How we Arrived Here.

CBD is the most prevalent compound in the hemp plant. Hemp received a bad rap from government legislation and misunderstood information that led to it being outlawed in the U.S. as a crop. Hemp, ironically, was used to make the sails of the European ships that first sailed to the lands, and was used to make the paper on which the Declaration of Independence was written, it was used to make the first flags of the United States. It was a true staple of textiles. It takes much less water to grow than trees and i

s far more renewable and better for the environment. In fact as recently as World War II there were signs that said "Hemp for Victory" as the demand for US Sourced Hemp based textiles increased with worldwide textile challenges. So why the bad rap? In the 1960s some entrepreneurial types bred strains of Hemp to maximize THC. Industrial Hemp from the Cannabis Sativa strain, has less than 0.3% THC content and is not psychoactive, it does not get someone high. In the 1970s the US came up with the Controlled Substances Act and outlawed all Hemp, sadly lumping non-psychoactive hemp and its many uses into the Act and it was erased from being legally produced. Hemp was an innocent bystander of the war against Marijuana. Most of our perceptions today about Hemp are formed from this misguided lumping of Hemp in with Marijuana. Fast forward to 1992 when a study that started to figure out how Marijuana users were experiencing health benefits, they found the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body. What was determined was that compounds in the marijuana plant were binding to these receptors and giving health benefits to the users. The most notable substance providing these benefits is Cannibidiol or CBD, which also happens to be the most prevalent compound in Hemp and in the Marijuana plant as well. Oddly enough some states legalized Marijuana before the US legalized growing industrial Hemp, so the substance that gets you "high" and was a target of the Controlled Substances Act was legal before the substance that does not get you high but provides you health benefits, go figure.

The 2018 Farm Bill finally legalized the growing of Hemp in the United States, with less than 0.3% THC, which is also knows as Industrial Hemp. You can once again buy clothes and other materials made from Hemp. This also allowed CBD, the most prominent canniabinoid in Hemp to be extracted. What happened the same year (2018) was that the FDA approved a CBD treatment for epilepsy, since CBD proved to have neurological benefits that significantly reduced seizures in epileptic patients. A consequence of this however, likely unintended, was that they made CBD a prescription drug. So while it is a natural compound in a now legal plant, it is a prescription drug in another form which created legal issues for the FDA, so to this day it remains unregulated as the FDA can not classify at a food supplement out of one side of their mouth and as a prescription drug out of the other. What does that mean for you? Well, the government's massive sway from using a product as a way of life and even promoting it to classifying it as a controlled substance to then recognizing this as an error and making it not a controlled substance while simultaneously classifying it as a prescription medication means it will likely stay unregulated for a long time. So now many have come out of the government created stigma based on bad information, many still believe the government is always right (like those they told the atomic bomb testing wouldn't be bad for them...), this tide is turning as people are becoming more educated.

The current situation is good and bad, good in that it allows access by everyone (unless your state has chosen the 1970s route of government induced ignorance) but it also allows bad actors in the marketplace. First anything that says Hemp Oil, or Hemp seed is just that, it is from Hemp seed, the seed of the Hemp plant, that has no CBD and while is not bad for you and actually has some

The FDA has not regulated CBD so the CBD you are buying may or may not contain what it says. CBD is truly a "you get what you pay for" market. Some people find cheap "CBD" at a gas station, but would you buy a nice steak or sushi from a gas station? We hope not, and if so then you are at the wrong place. At Statera we believe in only high quality CBD, the real deal, that is tested, and effective. You are putting it in your body, so you need to buy good quality CBD, especially in an unregulated market. When the FDA does regulate CBD it will likely do a few things, it will get rid of bad actors but it will drive prices up as regulation costs and those costs come from somewhere. Those are just the realities, but for now you can still get quality CBD at a good price here at Statera.


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