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Water Soluble vs. Regular CBD Oil Tincture

First, water soluble simply means the CBD particles have been broken down to a small size. Nano

means less than 100 nano-meters in size. A typical CBD particle is about 4,000 nano-meters in size. Your body has to break down the CBD in order to absorb it at that size. Most CBD is regular CBD oil at this size. Some, including Statera, break it down so your body absorbs a higher percentage of the CBD, getting the highest level of bio-availability and benefit for your body. This process allows it to mix with water or other liquids, so you can put it in your favorite drink, whereas a normal oil will not mix with the liquid. What happens when you consume normal oil? As your body breaks it down, much of it is processed out as waste through the liver, in fact you absorb only about 8-10% of a regular oil!! If the particles are broken down enough, your body absorbs almost all of the CBD, making it much more effective and actually easier on your body since you aren't putting as much stress on the liver to process it out of your body. Why doesn't everyone making CBD do this? Easy, it is more expensive. First you have to have the equipment to properly break down the particles and then, if you want to do it properly, you have to have an expensive machine to measure the particle size with lasers to ensure it is the proper size. This results in a slightly higher cost than regular CBD oil, but considering you absorb about 6 to 10 times more of the CBD you purchased with a water soluble nano CBD and considering it does not cost that much more, it is a far better deal and you are actually paying less for the CBD you truly absorb. Some people, either don't know the difference, or don't understand, choose to pay lower up front costs yet get very little of the CBD absorbed, however those who know and understand realize that the better value and effect is with the water soluble CBD. Which method is the best way to ingest this CBD? The fastest is in a vape through the lungs, however we don't recommend putting liquids in your lungs, so the next best is via a water soluble tincture, then via another means, such as a softgel or a gummy if that is easier for you. Whatever method you choose, choose CBD that is effective (water soluble) and you will get the best results for the best price!


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